‘Cosby: His Life and Times': A flattering bio leaves the dark side of the comedy icon’s life unexamined

BOOK REVIEW February 1, 2015 12:00 AM Share with others: On my seventh birthday, my mother gave me the Bill Cosby album “Wonderfulness.” “I was 7 years old, standing up in my crib,” it began. I laughed, knowing of course that I didn’t need a crib. And I kept laughing through the “Tonsils” and “Chicken […]

‘The Collected Stories of Gladys Schmitt': A teacher and exquisite fiction writer from Pittsburgh is ready for her close-up

BOOK REVIEW February 1, 2015 12:00 AM Share with others: The inaugural volume of a new book series from Carnegie Mellon University Press, “The Collected Stories of Gladys Schmitt,” is a thoughtful and engrossing collection that suitably memorializes the author and professor. Born in Pittsburgh, Ms. Schmitt (1902-1972) published 11 novels, including “David the King” […]

‘Honeydew': Visionary characters abound in Edith Pearlman’s latest collection of short stories

Fine fiction writers see what most people don’t — the telling glance, the shy smile, the hungry heart — and record their observations in language both precise and iridescent. Edith Pearlman, 78, has been writing tales like this for decades and delighting those of us who enjoy “The Best American Short Stories” and other prize-winning anthologies. She […]

2Do this week, Feb. 1-7: Cultural events around Pittsburgh

TUESDAY  Novelist Craig Bernier and poet Scott Silsbe will read excerpts from their works at the Duquesne University Coffee House Reading Series in the university’s Barnes Noble Cafe, 1015 Forbes Ave., at 7 p.m. Pittsburgh-based writer Mr. Bernier is author of the award-winning “Your Life Idyllic.” His stories have appeared in Creative Nonfiction and have been […]

Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre expands sensory-friendly offerings with ‘Beauty and the Beast’

February 1, 2015 12:00 AM Share with others: Related Media: Ballet preview: Pittsburgh Ballet to stage local premiere of ‘Beauty and the Beast’ When Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre decided to do a sensory-friendly version of “The Nutcracker” in 2013, the company didn’t know what to expect. But there was no need to worry. “We had so […]

Ballet preview: Pittsburgh Ballet to stage local premiere of ‘Beauty and the Beast’

Because the dance capital of the world, New York City, is so close to Pittsburgh, it’s a rarity to see choreography, especially full-length ballets, that originates on the West Coast. But Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre artistic director Terrence Orr is a product of the San Francisco Ballet, the third largest company in the United States, and […]

TV ratings matter less than ever

February 1, 2015 12:00 AM Share with others: TV QA with Rob Owen Post-Gazette TV writer Rob Owen answers reader questions online every Friday in the Tuned In Journal blog at post-gazette.com/tv. Here’s a selection of recent queries. Q: What shows surprise you that make the Top 20 on Nielsen? I can’t believe “Dancing With […]

WorkZone: Part-time jobs can be a path to long-term security

February 1, 2015 12:00 AM Share with others: Sheri Minkoff of Shadyside has been consulting part-time for a nonprofit. Though her first choice would be a full-time job with health care benefits, she is taking other work to stay afloat financially. She is even open to working multiple part-time jobs to create a full-time schedule. […]

Dollar store merger coming to Pittsburgh neighborhoods

Vendors supplying laundry care products to the dollar store industry heaved a sigh of relief last month when Family Dollar shareholders accepted an $8.5 billion merger offer from Dollar Tree. The deal might force 300 store divestitures — but not the 1,500 or more that might have come with a rival offer from the industry’s […]

People on the move: 2/1/2015

People on the Move Association and Organizations The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission named Chester S. Spatt, the Pamela R. and Kenneth B. Dunn Professor of Finance at Carnegie Mellon University’s Tepper School of Business, as a member of its newly created Equity Market Structure Advisory Committee, which will be charged with providing advice and […]

Don Lindich’s Sound Advice: jHub Ultra back on market after sales spike triggers Amazon review

February 1, 2015 12:00 AM Share with others: LENORE MARAVEL, Minneapolis A. I received many emails like this in December. I am partially responsible for your inability to buy the product, and it is quite a story. For those who missed the previous column, I will explain what a power bank is. A power bank […]

Len Boselovic’s Heard off the Street: Brochure sends Cardinal Resources’ shares up

It’s amazing what a picture of Matt Damon with a toilet seat around his neck will do to a stock price. Trouble is, the pump-and-dump practitioners who used the actor’s image to hijack a Pittsburgh-based penny stock didn’t forget to flush. The image and the slick brochure distributed online and by other means speculated that […]

Congress mulls fast track for trade agreements

February 1, 2015 12:00 AM Share with others: One of the first issues the Republican-controlled Congress faces is whether to give President Barack Obama the authority to negotiate trade agreements that Congress would quickly vote up or down without the opportunity to amend. Mr. Obama wants that power — known formally as trade promotion authority and […]

Pittsburgh mobilizes ‘classes, colors and creeds’ to greet returning black soldiers

Black soldiers and officers from the 351st Field Artillery were the first large group of veterans to return to Pittsburgh from France after World War I. Their arrival on March 7, 1919, produced banner headlines in local newspapers and coverage by one of the city’s star reporters. “No wonder the Germans quit,” pioneering woman journalist […]

Black pharmacy student from Pittsburgh served nation, fought for equality in World War I protest

Donald C. Jefferson was not afraid to stand up for what was right in an era when an “uppity” black man risked a beating, jailing or even hanging. Mr. Jefferson, who died in Pittsburgh in 1994 at age 98, was among a small group of African-Americans to be commissioned as U.S. Army officers during World […]

Brereton evolves: How Polish Hill’s business district has changed in the past 85 years

More than 30 Polish Hill businesses stood chock-a-block on Brereton Street in 1930, complemented by storefronts on side streets, including Dobson. In 1960, Polish Hill’s business district still boasted more than 15 shops. Today, Dobson has a trio of retail in one building — Lili Cafe, Copacetic Comics and Mind Cure Records — and Brereton’s active businesses have dwindled […]

Stylebook Snapshot: Gridlock Lacquer’s Chipped Ham pink nail polish is perfectly Pittsburgh

February 1, 2015 12:00 AM Share with others: Chipped chopped ham isn’t just for sandwiches anymore. Now lovers of Pittsburgh’s quintessential lunch meat can wear (yes, wear) it, too. The cold cut’s pinkish color inspired one of the shades in Gridlock Lacquer’s Pittsburgh-themed nail polish collection. There’s also Steel My Heart gray and Pittsburghese, Not Bourgeois […]

Buying Here: Elizabeth Township

Vicci and John Kosko are on the hunt for very special buyers of their farmstead at 201 Round Hill Road in Elizabeth Township. Known as the Hutchinson Farm, the 51-acre property was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1987 because it’s “one of three most intact 19th-century farms in Allegheny County,” according […]

Ice safety comes before winter recreation and productive fishing

In recent years, new cold-weather clothing technologies and reliable ice fishing gear have made the sport easier and more comfortable, attracting a growing number of ice anglers and their families. But in the same ways that hunters understand the risks of their sport and often talk afield about hunting safety, anglers should be aware of […]

Of myths and marmots: Groundhog Day

Wildlife: February 1, 2015 12:00 AM Share with others: Monday is all about celebrating an overgrown ground squirrel’s survival of winter. It’s Groundhog Day, a triumph of spring over winter, just as the contemporaneous Candlemas Day celebrates the victory of light over darkness. February 2 is about halfway between the winter solstice and the spring […]